KIANA & PAOLO VALENCIANO Are Your MYX Celebrity VJs For The Month Of October!

You guys are in for a treat!

For this month of October, we're giving you not one but two MYX Celebrity VJs! Get excited as Mr. Pure Energy's kids, Kiana and Paolo, grace your TV screens with their fun, wacky and offbeat antics. 

Also, don't miss this chance to get to know more about this awesome twosome! It's really interesting to see how some families just seem to have an abundance of talent, smarts and charms. They'll be playing some of the most awesome music videos on Pop MYX and the hottest OPM videos on Pinoy MYX, while they'll be your love gurus on Mellow MYX and your wish-granting genies on My MYX!

Be sure to tune in to the MYX channel to see Kiana and Paolo on your favorite shows for this whole month of October and keep logging on to for more on MYX Celebrity VJs Kiana and Paolo!

Mark your calendars and watch them on MYX on the following programs and dates: 

Pop MYX – October 5 to 11
Pinoy MYX – October 12 to 17
Mellow MYX – October 19 to 25
My MYX – October 26 to 31

Just in case you guys are wondering how it's like to have a brother like Paolo or a sister like Kiana, check out the video below!

Feel free to leave your shoutouts to Kiana and Paolo by leaving your comments below!



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