A Golden Tribute to FRANCIS M.

Today is truly golden, as we celebrate the birth of a genuine OPM icon – Francis Magalona. 

This influential man was the first Filipino rapper to make it into the mainstream, is recognized as the pioneer to blend rap with Pinoy rock and known as “The Filipino King of Rap” who set the bars for Filipino artists in the hip-hop scene. 

This remarkable day - what would have been his 50th birthday – we acknowledge and commemorate his incredible contributions, not just to OPM, but his inspiring life lived to the fullest. Through his music, he showed nationalistic sentiments and sincere appreciation for the gift of life, which we can all learn from. 

In honor of this special occasion, here is a timeless-tribute playlist of some of Francis M.’s finest tracks: 

 Mga Kababayan

Kaleidoscope World

 Mga Praning 

 Meron Akong Ano 

Let this golden day of Francis M. and his inspirational life, continue to brighten up our days. Happy 50th Birthday! 

In honor of the late Master Rapper, MYX will replay the original documentary 'Francis M - Man from Manila' today at 3PM. Don't miss it!

How has Francis M. inspired you? Share it with us below!