Step Into "THE IMAGINARIUM" - A Multi-Arts Festival Of The Absurd

We're thrilled to share with you that there's a lot to look forward to this October!

On September 22, 2014 at the PETA Theater Center, the veil has been lifted as Manila's newest performing arts group, The Sandbox Collective, following the success of its critically acclaimed production of the Off-Broadway musical "Dani Girl," a musical good for the soul, launches The Imaginarium.

The Imaginarium - a four-day extravaganza of an outstanding mix of music, theater, dance, film, fashion, visual arts, improv, spoken word, music, food and beverage will run from October 28-31. The line-up is positively bursting with glittering debuts, national luminaries, welcome returns and more, all for their passion in the unconventional and oftentimes bizaare. 

"We believe the game is changing," shares The Sandbox Collective's managing artistic director Toff de Venecia. "There's a new generation of cultural connoisseur and practitioner who isn't afraid of stepping outside of the box anymore and being unconventional or different. They're about celebrating what's new and creative."

The Sandbox Collective assembled a young team of curators and influencers who, for the past months, have been brimming with energy and excitement in reaching out to their respective markets and solidifying The Imaginarium's multi-faceted programming. Here, your every sense will be well-provided for: see, hear, taste, smell, touch - experience the full spectrum of culture at a close proximity.

For music, critic and music aficionado Ren Aguila makes no concession in balancing the extremes of music for the audience that's expected to come.  The music program promises an eclectic array of musicians that floats under the radar from the vibrant independent music scene.

As with the visual arts category, urban collaborations of stunning skill and melancholy have been pieced together, those who are completely foreign to the mainstream cinema. Curator Raymond Ang aims to mesmerize and enchant in full measure.

The theater on offer is going to be outstanding; powerful, exciting, inspiring and fiercely intelligent, as the theater curator Toff De Venecia promises theater of the absurd as its finest.

Film curator Don Juaician will feature films that's intriguing, engaging, and weird in their own sense. The film category will sweep us up with the line-up of films that treats the subject matter with complete sincerity.

For dance and physical theater, the group tapped Daloy Dance Company's PJ Rebullida. Brace yourselves for breathtaking, intense and engrossing dance pieces. Their choreographic language is bound to surprise, emotionally resonate and bypass everyone's conscious understanding.

Crafted by the curator, David Ong, the festival also aims to change the way people eat, drink and think with the Food and Beverage scene. This category offers a smorgasbord of homegrown culinary experts that offers gastronomical delight!

“The Imaginarium”, a multi-arts festival of the absurd, will cap off The Sandbox Collective’s 2014 season before it returns in 2015. The festival will run for four consecutive days at the Peta Theater Center, No. 5 Eymard Drive, New Manila from October 28-31, 2014. There is a limited amount of tickets being sold for most stages and/or special events so advanced reservation and transaction is encouraged. As with most festivals, the schedule is a proposed estimation and is subject to change within a one to two-hour window.
For ticket bundles and inquiries, please contact 585-6909 or 0917-8996680. You may also call Ticketworld at 891-9999. And for all the up-to-date news, ticket prices and schedules, follow The Sandbox Collective on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Mark Your Calendars!
A Multi-Arts Festival Of The Absurd
October 28-31, 2014