5 Reasons Why GONE GIRL Is A Must-See Film

Not all marriages end in happily-ever afters, especially not the one depicted in this film. 

"Gone Girl" invades theaters this week, putting the spotlight on one of the most intriguing films of 2014. The enthralling literature-turned-film is based on Gillian Flynn's best-selling suspense novel of the same title. 

For those precious few who haven't read the book, it concerns the disappearance of the Amy, the attractive wife of the town's golden boy, Nick. It delves into the media scrutiny that zeroes Nick, transforming him as the murder suspect instead of the townie favorite. But could he really have done it? Was she kidnapped? Or is there something altogether stranger going on?

The story-telling process is indeed thrilling, gripping and fearlessly unpredictable. Here are 5 more reasons why you shouldn't miss this in the big screens. 

1. Ben Affleck portrays one of his best of his career

Affleck’s starring role as a men’s magazine writer suspected of murdering his wife is just terrific.While may remain really iffy about his acting skills throughout his career, this time around he enters the acting arena in full force. Nick is handsome, with his schoolyard bully good looks, but we all don't know whether to like him or not. And Affleck gave life to such a confusing character. He was able to pull it off. 

As are Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Carrie Coon, Tyler Perry and Kim Dickens. The cast astonishingly fit perfectly into this twisted world. 

2. The reasons why you loved the book are there

Changes, additions and omissions are always going to be necessary in turning any literary work into a movie and one of the bigger questions when it came to the film adaptation of "Gone Girl" was whether or not the book's shifting perspective would be would make it through. But without disclosing any spoilers, it's only right to say that structurally, everything remained intact. In fact, it was perfect. 

3. The music is unbelievable

For the music that provides a surging undertow to Gone Girl, David Fincher returned again to work with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, who in addition to collaborating on Nine Inch Nails’ albums, together composed the scores for The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. They have become valued partners in producing scores as atmospheric and assaultive as Fincher’s direction. The musician's music elevates the more gripping moments in Fincher's films to intense new heights. Both the film and the soundtrack stay with you.

4. It's quite funny, actually

A movie about murders, mysterious disappearances and the like doesn't really seem like a material to be stuffed with jokes. But in a very bleak way, yes it is. By the time the twists play out, the movie reveals itself as one of the darkest comedies ever. The satirical elements are boosted up in the film and the fact that you can see enough real life in it, makes it ridiculously funny. 

5. It's one of the best movies of the year

Simply put, "Gone Girl" is an absolute masterpiece. It addressed very real issues faced by married couples with a killer plot twist, it's sure to give you one of the most thrilling experiences you'll have going to the movies this year. It was masterfully done, the actors were all exceptional and it will deeply resonate on an emotional and political level. If you have an appetite that rumbles more for dark psychological intrigue than the usual cheese fest, this is something definitely for you. 

Watch the trailer below!

In Theaters
October 8, 2014