Is AMANDA BYNES Headed For A Confinement?

Photo grabbed from Amanda Bynes' Instagram account.

Amanda Bynes' doctors are planning to confine her again and get her medicated up to 1 year. 

The former child star's doctors are planning to get hold of a LPS (Lanterman- Petris- Short Act) if she is proven to have a mental disorder or chronic alcoholism, according to TMZ. This will enable them to confine Amanda at a hospital or other secure facilities against her will. 

Amanda's last LPS was over a year ago when she lit a driveway on fire and pouring gasoline on her dog. The LPS expired a month ago. 

Doctors say that they will ask for a new LPS hold after Bynes' diagnosis.

Bynes was known for the hit TV show "All That" and "The Amanda Show." She also starred in various films such as "She's The Man" and "Easy A," to name a few.

She was arrested for possession of marijuana in 2013, and was also arrested for DUI and a couple of counts of hit and run on 2012.

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