#Throwbackthursday: 15 Most Memorable Toys From Our Childhood

In this technological age, we have wireless internet, infinite phone applications and computer games that can keep us entertained and occupied for a great amount of time. But those innovations can't compare and replace the amazing childhood toys we grew up playing with! Just seeing these awesome inventions will take us down memory lane and bring out that exact same excitement just like before!

We've made a list of 15 of the most memorable toys from our childhood that will instantly get you reminiscing and bring out that inner kid in you again!

1. Lego
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2. Yugioh Cards

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3. Jackstones

4. Pogs

5. Teks

6. Tamiya

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7. Pokemon Cards

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8. Tamagotchi

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9. Brick Game

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10. Yo-yo

11. Beyblade

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12. Trumpo

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13. Slinky

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14. Plastic Balloon

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15. Gameboy

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Did you get to enjoy any of these memorable toys back in your childhood?

What was your favorite childhood toy? Is it in the list? Share it with us below!