8-Year Old Boy Absolutely Crushes Dance Class Choreography!

It's safe to say that kids these days really have it going on for them - especially in the talent department! 

Remember that video of the 11-year old girl who killed that " All About That Bass" choreography? Well clearly she and this 8-year old boy named Aidan Prince, were at the front of the line when God was giving away some of the fresh-est dance talent yet on earth! Age and size really doesn't define the weight of someone's talent!

In this video during a dance class, Aidan dances solo and starts off with a boom, as he hits each move with power, precision and groove, making everyone at the studio go wild! The kid is a natural dance beast!

You'll see what we're talking about after watching this amazing footage - choreography by Tricia Miranda to Major Lazer's "Jet Blue Jet." Check it out here!

Video posted by: Tricia Miranda

If this kid is this good now, imagine how epic he would be in five to ten years!

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