Comedy Manila Goes on Campus Tour!

This is it guys! It is your chance to watch Comedy Manila Live! Do you want to sit and have the greatest laugh that you may have in your entire life? You should not miss Comedy Manila! If you want tips and tricks on how to survive a lover's quarrel, avoid a hold up and face your fears with white ladies, black ladies and mananaggals, then you should catch them!

Comedy Manila is a group of comedians featuring James Cararan, Victor Anastacio, Gb Labrador, Red Ollero, Alex Calleja and Ryan Sarita who do stand-up comedy shows around the country. Their goal is to let the youth know more about stand-up comedy and to let them have the chance to be a comedian themselves as well. 

Catch Comedy Manila on your schools! If you want to have the opportunity for Comedy Manila to visit your school, you can message them on their official Facebook page.

Watch the video to learn more about Comedy Manila!

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