Kaligta ups mission of touching lives through music

A few-weeks-old band outshines more seasoned ones in a competition for one reason: Divine intervention.

Drummer John Michael Dino, singer Michael Artita, bass guitarist Sherman Tupas and lead guitarist Arnold Artita collectively known as Kaligta believe so. Saying that though they expected the worst in joining the most recent Nescafe Soundskool tilt, they hoped for the best.

ôWe formed the band in order to join the contest. We recorded our demo late, submitted the last minute, and still got in,ö Dino said, adding sincerely and not just as expression, ôthank God!ö

Michael and Arnold are brothers and John Michael is their cousin. Sherman is treated like family. All are Christians -and anyone would know this right away just by listening to their songs. In their forthcoming Sony Music album ôX3Mö also featuring Soundskool finalists Soundvent and Kilos, Kaligta contributes the inspiring ôAwitin Mula SaÆYoö and the upbeat ôAking Ka-ibigan.ö

The first talks about using the song in your heart to turn things around, while the second is a love song. Both, as with their other still-unrecorded originals, are inspired by true experiences.

ôAnd just because weÆre a Christian band doesnÆt mean weÆll sing about God all the time. We can still glorify Him - and hopefully help others find their way back to Him, by singing about other topics from a Christian perspective,ö they said. Note that though the musicians of Kaligta are Christian, it doesnÆt mean the music sounds like traditional worship songs. So as to come across ecumenically, they channel their messages through the pop/alternative genre, and use the pronoun ôHimö in their verses most of the times, resulting to a universal reach.

Asked about their name, Artita said itÆs short for ôkaligtasan.ö ôWe thought of shortening it to ækaligtaÆ so it comes across as if the last part of the word was forgotten. They say in psychology that the more you want to forget something, the more it sticks to your head. We hope it works here,ö said Michael. It probably will in their case, considering their history for making it against the odds. According to lead vocalist Artita, he didnÆt even know how to sing just a few years ago (ôI was off key all the time,ö he confessed, smiling). As for the rest of the band members, they taught themselves how to play their instruments primarily for the music ministry at church.

The band doesnÆt have big dreams. They say that more than selling CDs, holding big shows and clinching number one songs on the charts, theyÆd be happy touching peopleÆs hearts with their songs.

ôItÆs the same when we made it to the finals of Soundskool. All of us fasted not so much because we were asking Him to let us win, but for our songs to make a difference in those who hear it.

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