Juris to take on Korea

Following the successful debut of JurisÆ album in Korea, entitled, ôIf, You and Me,ö which yielded the hit song ôSay You Love Meö which topped the Korean charts, Cyworld and BGM, for 3 months, the first Pinay mainstream artist to release an album in Korea will be performing live at ôGREEN PLUGGED SEOUL 2011ö festival on May 14, 2011, at the Nanji Hangang Park in Seoul.

GREENPLUGGED SEOUL 2011 is a two-day, multi-stage international festival that offers a variety of art performances (concerts, exhibits, plays, dance, multi-media) in a springtime outdoor setting and which is aimed at increasing awareness about the environment. It is one of the most successful new festivals in Seoul. This yearÆs event will showcase 117 artists from all over the world, including Korea, Finland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Sweden and the Philippines.

Juris to take on Korea

JurisÆ Korean album features covers and songs written by Korean and Filipino composers. The album is available in record bars in Korea and online at,, and The digital album card version will be available in Astroplus record bars in early June for 99 pesos. It features 4 Korean songs which have been translated to English, namely, ôAltogether Alone,ö ôDonÆt Forget,ö ôIf You and Meö and ôWishes.ö