Kilos is on the move!

Some bands are held together by ambition, others by opportunities, and others still by music. Kilos stays solid for these reasons and, above all, friendship.

ôWe tried expanding our line-up but it didnÆt work out. While those who temporarily got in have the skills, they couldnÆt gel with the existing members,ö says Kilos vocalist Chao Sison.

Having known each other for seven years now, Sison, guitarist Andres Villaruel, drummer Kevin Vega and bass guitarist Dunne Mamhot are more than family. ItÆs a chemistry that resonate with the music as evidenced in their songs ôDr. Loveö and ôLeavesö that are part of the forthcoming Sony Music album ôX3Mö also featuring Nescafe Soundskool finalists Soundvent and Kaligta.

The boys studied at Quezon City Science High School, kisay for those in the know, and went to college at U.P. Los Banos (the band got their name with the first syllables of their schoolsÆ names). They are a rock band though each member listens to other kinds of musical genres. All of them say Rivermaya rules. ôThey were our mentor band during the Sounskool finals in Boracay but even before that, we already like their brand of modern rock. Nakaka-relate kami,ö said they.

Kilos has joined many battle of the bands contest (ôincluding ones with cover bands performing Bon Jovi,ö noted Sison). They have had gigs and look forward to doing more.

They hope to help revive the band wave they grew up to during the middle part of the last decade.

ôIt just felt great then that so many bands weÆre making it. We think the only way that we can claim back the music scene from foreigners is for more local bands to come out doing their own thing,ö said Sison. Apparently, Sony Music saw that they could be one of those to raise anew the flag for OPM. While the victory party for Soundskool winner AJKA was being held, representatives from the label were talking to Kilos about a project at hand. A few weeks later, the band got "the call." ôThe moment we put down the phone, we were on our way to Manila,ö said Villaruel. ôWe couldnÆt wait to start recording.ö The band continues to explore their musical horizons. Though they have established a sound, theyÆre not averse to growing, evolving.

ôThatÆs why we donÆt like using labels to describe our music. A label may apply now but not tomorrow. ItÆs better to just say Kilos music,ö they said.