"The Closest Thing To Heaven" is now within your reach with Rivermaya

Rivermaya is again at a crossroads with regards to some issues regarding their frontman but these band of brothers are poised to beat the odds once again to keep playing on for the love of music and their fans. Their new lineup includes Norby David, Ryan Peralta, Japs Sergio, Mike Elgar and Mark Escueta. Paolo Valenciano (Salamin) and Pochoy Labog (Malay) take turns in singing for this legendary band at the moment and the fans have cheered and approved.

Their latest album, The Closest Thing To Heaven, boasts 10 all-original songs. ôOverall, this is our heaviest-sounding album pero dahil Rivermaya album siya,siyempre masaya pa rin,ö shares Mike Elgar, supreme guitarist of the band. ôThis album is full of new stories and lessons for everyone and some are inspired by stuff weÆve had to go through these past few years. Ito ang Rivermaya ngayonö adds founding-member and drummer Mark Escueta.

Dangal, the albumÆs 1st single, features the line ôBalang Araw Malalaman Din Ng Lahat Ang Lahat / Karanasang Palaganapin Para Sa MataÆt Tenga / Hanggang Dito Na Lang Ba Ako Sayo?ö Dangal unleashed ôone of the best guitar solos [I have] ever heard, a brilliant balance of Mike ElgarÆs chops and tastefulnessö as described by legendary guitarist Francis Brew Reyes.

After the first single comes their current single from the album, Ambotsa. A playful song with catchy tunes and Visayan short phrases with lyrics like, Ambot Sa Imo (I donÆt know with you) / ItÆs Not You / ItÆs Me / Huwag Mo Na Kong Mahalin / Pero Huwag Naman Akong Limutin. Ambotsa is a funny love song to captivate all Pinoys across local regions. It also features cute guest vocals done by 4-year old Akemi Elgar, (daughter of Mike Elgar) at the end of the song.

Other songs that complete The Closest Thing To Heaven are ôMiss Ecstatic,ö ôThe Sight Of You,ö ôLocomoco,ö ôSave Your Soul,ö ôOngano,ö and ôMulat,ö ôReminis,ö and ôHere We Are Again.ö

This album gives you a taste of the Rivermaya sound everyone grew up with, plus fresh hooks from this rich blend of personalities and talents have to offer. They have been and always will be ôAng Banda ng Bayanö.

Watch out for more exciting Rivermaya news in the coming weeks. Visit or add them up on Rivermaya's Facebook Page.

Catch Rivermaya every Monday at CaponesÆ, 10PM. Admission is FREE!. Several bands and artists have also joined and jammed with Rivermaya namely: Anyo, Brian Sombero, The Very First, Mr. Bones & The Boneyard Circus, Homegrown, Republika, Fidela and more!

Rivermaya Mondays at Capones

RivermayaÆs ôClosest Thing To Heavenö is available at all major record bars nationwide. Grab a copy now!

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