Have a Pocket Full Of

Get two guys and two girls, give them musical instruments, and you'll get Pocket Full Of. Pocket Full Of what? Just Pocket Full Of -- music, songs and whatnots from this up and coming band.

Ikot Catalan (rhythm guitars/vocals), Luis Medina (drums/back up vocals), Zsaris Mendioro (lead guitars/back up vocals) and Elaine Carag (bass/back up vocals)á teamed up with Calde Calderon (Bassist of Chicosci, Save Me Hollywood), Moby Aragones (Drummer of The Very First, Awit Award winning songwriter), and Tower Of Doom's Macoy Manuel (Drummer of Sin) to produce their first single "Pio" that's up for free download on the web.

Why "PIO"? You have to listen to it over and over to understand!

The song exclusively premiered on MYX and on Jam 88.3, keeps listeners and viewers abuzz about the fresh sound they offer. After just days after their single was up for free download, it has reached more than a thousand downloads, and still counting -- proving that people like what they are hearing.

Key in MYX REQUEST PIO and send to 2366 if you feel the need to see the video over and over on MYX!

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