Soundvent shows passion pays off

Even before they start hitting it big, Nescafe Soundskool finalist and one of Sony MusicÆs latest acquisition, Soundvent, has had the opportunity of working with top band Sponge Cola and the revered Robert Javier of æ90s Pinoy band, The Youth. ôWe didnÆt even have time to get starstruck. One minute, working with them was just a dream; the next minute, we were already talking music to them and jamming,ö they said.

Sponge Cola mentored Soundvent in Boracay for the Soundskool finals. Robert Javier produced the Soundvent songs ôDi Na Langö and ôTayoö for the forthcoming Sony Music album ôX3Mö also featuring Kilos and Kaligta.

Soundvent is comprised by vocalist Jhoranz Lopez, drummer Tim Mejia, guitarists JC Feliciano and Jeric Amistoso, as well as bass guitarist Jeremiah de Asis. Most of the members have been friends for five years now though they only officially became a musical group in 2007. Their influences range from The Script and Switchfoot to John Mayer and Vertical Horizon. A veteran of various battles of the bands, Soundvent is used to winning some - and losing lots.

ôSa dami ng sinalihan namin, di na mabilang,ö they admitted. ôTry and try lang talaga until you succeed.ö The experiences not only sharpened their handle on pop/alternative, but whetted their appetite for success. This is the reason that even when they did not win top prize in Soundskool, they remained optimistic that something good would still come out of the whole thing. ôSo, we were surprised when Sony Music contacted us,ö they said. ôWe had wanted this so badly that we knew it would happen somehow even if by sheer will.ö

In describing the band during their stint at Nescafe Soundskool, a columnist said that Soundvent was most prepared to conquer the mainstream scene. ôMaybe because in whatever we do, we also think if it would appeal to many people. ItÆs not as if weÆre going professional not knowing whom we cater to. We have identified our target audience and we aim to please them,ö said Lopez.

Theirs is a relaxed standpoint when it comes to making music. The boys said everyone has a voice when it comes to arranging their songs, and that everything else is decided on democratically.

Soundvent is very careful with their music. They note that many contemporary musicians do not exert as much effort as, say, Ryan Cayabyab and Eraserheads in coming up with real masterpieces. ôThis is the reason many are more known for who they are than their music. The personality eclipses the art,ö said they, who have about 10 more originals ready to be recorded.

Soundvent knows what they are and what they want. Indeed, they are ready for the big time having already paid their dues.

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