Sitti Freshens Up with a New Easy-Listening Album

The reigning queen of bossa nova opens up her kingdom to set free a fresh new sound that is all coming rom her new album simply titled ôSittiö which just arrived in stores this week.

All 8 new tracks and 3 classic remakes are a fusion of SittiÆs original bossa nova flavor, mixed with easy-listening arrangements of music sessions with renowned artists such as Gary Granada for the single ôSulatö, crooner Richard Poon in ôDream Enoughö, Ramon RJ Jacinto for ôMuliö and Jek Manuel (formerly of Iaxe) for the do-up of his bandÆs 90s classic ôAkoÆy SaÆyo at IkaÆy Akinö. But among all these, carrier single ôWag Mo Na Munang Sabihinö moves Sitti the most. Penned by former Sugarfree frontman, the legendary Ebe Dancel himself, it is a song about the looming and inevitable end of a relationship that just couldnÆt work out. It was so beautiful and sad that Sitti confessed that it made her teary-eyed while recording it. As a follow-up to her 2009 album Contagious which showcased her superb interpretations of bossa nova tracks, Sitti finally comes out of her shell as she gives us a taste of her own songwriting with the singles ôBaby ImÆ In Loveö and ôEnd It With Youö from this new easy-listening self-titled record.

Discover the perfect blend of bossa nova and easy-listening with the release of SittiÆs brand new album from Warner Music, out now in your favorite music stores. Text SITTI to 5677 to get hot ringback tones or visit thru your mobile phone.

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