Wolfgang Live at The Met on June 18, 2011

Wolfgang announced its first major Manila concert for the year at the historic Metropolitan Theater on Saturday, June 18, at 8 PM.

Entitled simply, ôWolfgang at The Metö, the show promises to unleash the bandÆs no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners brand of rock. (Ticket inquiries can be made at TicketWorld, tel 891-9999 or the Wolfgang Hotlines 0915-6212189 and 0949-7917228.) Wolfgang recently signed on for the prestigious Tanduay Rhum ôFirst Fiveö , which takes the countryÆs top bands on tour to 30 cities across the country. Despite the return of WolfgangÆs frontman Basti Artadi for good, the band had until now not announced any shows for the Philippine capital for 2011.

Wolfgang at The Met on June 18

The pressure from WolfgangÆs Manila fanbase had become so intense that the band decided to create a special show to respond to the insistent demands on their Wolfgang : Philippines facebook page.

That unique element was provided by the Metropolitan Theater, now near-forgotten but still the ægrande dameÆ of the cityÆs structures.á ôWe didnÆt want to do just another show, in the usual place. WeÆve never been about doing the usual,ö said Artadi. At the same time, the band wanted to call attention to ManilaÆs many landmarks which have dropped out of the publicÆs consciousness. Designed by Filipino architect Juan Arellano in the 1930s, the Met is an iconic structure expressing Philippine elements in a visual language still appealing to this day. Decorated with Italian sculptures, mosaics, and stained glass in the haute Deco mode, it is a glorious backdrop for any artistic event.

Because of its conservationist purpose, the ôWolfgang at The Metö concert is also on the official roster of events to mark the 440th year of ôAraw ng Maynila.ö

Artadi explained, ôEver since my college days, IÆve always admired the building. Anyone who looks at it can tell that there was a lot of thought and love that went into designing it. It was created at a time when beauty and art were the first considerations, unlike today, when things are designed on the basis of function and economics.ö That said, The Met has a world-class stage with acoustics that can match any international venue. All the theater seats have been re-upholstered and provide excellent views of the stage from every angle, because of the gentle elevation of the audience area.

The biggest obstacle to making the Met a going concern is the lack of electricity for the theater. For the occasion, the grand structure will be lit and airconditioned with portable equipment. A crack team was assembled to make the concert a visual experience. Lighting will be designed by Shakira Villa-Symes and sets, by Denis Lagdameo. ôWe hope that by doing this concert, other artists will be attracted to do the same and bring back life not just to the theater, but also the surrounding area of Manila,ö said Manuel Legarda of Wolfgang.

Artadi continued, ôMy wife used to work at the Global Heritage Fund and she would show me all these historical sites that were being demolished because of religion or to make way for progress and I was just flabbergasted that these incredible works of art and pieces of the past were being taken for granted and disposed of like yesterdayÆs news, so that kinda got me thinking. áI also started looking up pictures of old Manila and seeing what we used to have and how amazing everything looked back then. áRight now, we have a few buildings left. It would be a shame to see those go to make way for another condominium or parking lot.ö

What can fans expect from the concert? ôWell, we havenÆt put on a show here in a while so everyoneÆs very excited. It will be an all-around incredible night for one and all,ö Artadi said.