Color your world with Tricia Garcia's music

It takes more than shapes and textures to make a great picture--you need color: blues, greens, reds, yellows and all the other hues and tones in between. Same goes with music, and with life. That is what MCA MusicÆs newest musical gem TRICIA GARCIA is all about: a mix of colors and what they evoke, a collection of life's experiences and what lessons they leave, all displayed in her debut album Kulay.

ôI want listeners to be inspired by the fullness of life," Tricia says, when asked how she chose the album title. Setting a new trend in Philippine music, she brings light jazz, a mixture of easy listening pop, and jazz. Trained in opera but influenced by mainstream jazz and blues, Tricia's voice soothes and captivates. It's as if this consummate artist--she plays the piano, guitar, and sax, and paints and writes poetry, as well--is singing for you and you only.

ôI love to paint as much as I love singing and writing music. As a child, I remember spending hours by myself drawing then playing piano and then writing my thoughts into poetry. This habitual refuge of mine through the years has helped discover myself as an artist and became an instrument to the making of my album.ö

Discovering her love for music at a very young age Tricia became a Voice major for two years at the University of the Philippines College of Music and trained under Gloria Bustria of Yamaha and Nanette Maigue of the Philippine Opera Company. Inspired by the voices and unique styles of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sarah Vaughn, she's also included Corinne Bailey Rae, Norah Jones, Esperanza Spalding to her daily listening list.

ôI can hear the melancholy and happiness in their own lives as I listen to their every note and every word," Tricia said. The album is divided in two parts: ôVibrantö and ôPastelö.

ôThe use of 'Vibrant' and 'Pastel' is a good way to mesh my music and my love for art. 'Vibrant' is used to refer to a full band arrangement of the songs while 'Pastel' refers to an acoustic arrangement," she explains.

There are nine tracks on Kulay: the carrier single ôTabing Ilogö (originally from BarbieÆs Cradle), ôAkoÆy Sa Iyo At IkaÆy Akin Lamang," ôSa Iyo Lang," ôTara," ôDito Lang Ako," ôWalang Salita," ôSana Naman,ö and ôMamahalin Kita." ôThe songs in the album are all about, love and longing,ö Tricia says. ôThey are sincere.ö

ôKulayö is now out in CDs under MCA Music.