Silent Sanctuary new single "Huli Na Ang Lahat" is a Free Download Treat!

If a band wants to make it in the pinoy band scene, they need to be original. they need to sound different. they need to have something special - Silent Sanctuary checks out on all those points, and after 10 years of change and of being together, they're still original, they're still different and they still have that something special.

They entered the OPM scene in 2006 with their hits "Rebound", "Ikaw Lamang", "Summer Song", "Kundiman", and "Ingat ka". Silent Sanctuary is now on their 3rd album "Mistaken for Granted" which was released last 2009 under Universal Records with Rommel ôSancho" Sanchez and Buddy Zabala as producers.

Silent Sanctuary has also taken advantage of new media to market themselves and their songs. The band is one of the first to do livestream gigs and chat sessions, their fans who are mostly netizens have been loving it.

And the web is where Silent Sanctuary just launched and released their next single "Huli Na Ang Lahat", which is now available for download with a PAY WHAT YOU WANT, SHARE ALL YOU WANT policy. All their fans need to do is follow the easy steps below.

Sanctuary new single Huli Na Ang Lahat is a FREE DOWNLOAD treat!

"Huli Na Ang Lahat" is not included in the album "Mistaken For Granted", which makes this a treat for all Silent Sanctuary fans.

"Mistaken For Granted" which features "Hay Naku" and "Hiling" is still available in all record bars nationwide, released under Universal Music.

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