Solenn Heussaff's on "Fire"

Many have been wondering especially through the web on the question ôWhoÆs on FIRE?ö Now it can finally be revealed, it is none other than the multi-faceted Solenn Heussaff and her debut single ôFire.ö

This week, Solenn was finally unveiled as the singer behind the remake of the Bruce Springsteen original and also recorded by Babyface and DesÆree. She recently visited top radio stations to personally promote her single.

Tagged as one the industryÆs ômulti-slashieö, meaning achieving and wearing different hats at the same time, she is a model, make-up artist, TV host, reality show contestant, magazine cover girl, fashion designer, painter, yoga enthusiast and actress. Now a new addition under her belt is singer. Solenn Heussaff really is todayÆs ôITö girl.

Her self-titled album will be out under MCA Music this July. Expect an album of amazing pop hits and a special collaboration. ôIÆm so excited about this album. I assure you there will be lots of surprises,ö Solenn said.