BBS and Kean Cipriano's "Wala Na Tayo"

Kean Cipriano is popularly known as the lead vocalist of one of PhilippinesÆ top alternative bands ôCallalilyö and has also been seen acting and hosting in several TV shows but now he is adding more to his profile by being the voice behind BBSÆ debut project album ôCtrl+Alt+Delete+Restart featuring Kean Cipriano of Callalily.ö

ôBBSö that stands for æBig Band SyndicateÆ was formed by Darwin Hernandez of Soupstar Entertainment and Rye Sarmiento of 6cyclemind. They are the mastermind duo that wrote all the songs in the mentioned album which features an all-pop repertoire. Without a permanent band to play the songs, they handpicked who will be perfect for the vocals, for the guitars, for the bass guitars, the drums and other elements that would complete each song.

This was the process they underwent in producing Ctrl+Alt+Delete+Restart. It was Kean who they chose to sing all the songs in the album because they believe that he can bring life to their songs. Kean is then joined by the music industryÆs big names such as Raimund Marasigan of Sandwich in drums and keyboards (for ôPayong Kapatidö), Buddy Zabala of The Dawn in bass (for ôPayong Kapatidö), Jay Durias of South Border in keyboards and vocals (for ôPawiinö) and other artists of equal caliber.

To date, the album has released its first single ôWala Na Tayoö which has been greatly received by the listeners. The single is currently # 1 in the MYX music channel countdown, # 1 in Energy FM, # 7 in Tugtugan 97.1, in Monster Radio RX 93.1 and Tambayan 101.9 radio station countdown charts. The song is being heavily rotated in other radio stations such as Jam 88.3, Love Radio, YES FM 101.1, Star FM 102.7, Mellow 94.7 and even in provincial radio stations.

Moreover, the album is the # 5 top selling CD in Odyssey music stores. Kean is undeniably showing his versatility through this special project and other ventures heÆs getting himself into. But one thing is clear, heÆs definitely not going solo!



  • YuriTakagi

    posted 5 years ago

    Paborit ko un Wala Na Tayo.. :)