MYX Poll of the Week: Who Had Your Favorite Movie-Inspired Costume?


The MYX VJs have been pulling out all the stops to come up with the best costumes for our ongoing Halloween Party on the MYX Daily Top 10! Last week, they dressed up as beloved characters from 2014 blockbuster films!


VJ Luigi as Kenji / VJ Ai as Athena ("She's Dating The Gangster")


VJ Sam as Emmet ("The Lego Movie")                          


VJ Gianna as Hazel / VJ Vieo as Gus ("The Fault In Our Stars")


VJ Robi as Maleficent ("Maleficent")                  


VJ Chino as Jenko ("22 Jump Street")                   


Who had your favorite MYX Halloween Party look last week? Cast your vote on the MYX Poll of the Week box which can be found on the frontpage!


Be sure to tune in to the MYX Daily Top 10 from Monday to Friday at 1am, 6am, 12pm, 4pm & 8pm as the VJs wear outfits inspired by 2014 music videos this time!