MYXclusive: Say "Geronimo" With SHEPPARD!

Photo courtesy of MCA Music, Inc. Philippines

We first introduced them to you a few months ago and since then, they've made their way to the music scene across the globe with the release of their fun, catchy song "Geronimo"!

During a MYXclusive interview with the band via e-mail, lead vocalist George Sheppard shared to us the story of how Sheppard started out in the industry.

"We started as more of a folk duo. Amy had an assignment to do for her musical studies which called for her to write a song with harmonies. She heard me singing in the shower and thought my voice would work well, so we wrote our first song together!"

From there, Amy and George kept going after realizing that their voices work well together. Soon after that, the two met Jay Bovino and decided to write an album and eventually expanding to a six-piece band that they are right now.

Their fun-filled song "Geronimo" became a feel-good anthem for the fans and we got to ask them the story behind this catchy tune!

George said, "This song is a fun, energizing track about taking a leap of faith. It's about doing something risky, but having the courage to take that risk. 'Geronimo' is an old Apache war hero, and nowadays his name is commonly used as a cry of bravery or defiance. In this particular instance, it's about rekindling a lost relationship."

The music video for the song, according to George was a "cross between Les Miserables and Frankenstein, set in a cardboard world."

Watch Sheppard's "Geronimo" music video by clicking the video below!

For the fans out there who've been wondering if Sheppard will be visiting the Philippines soon, according to George, "We'll always have a strong connection to the Philippines. We are going to be touring the world quite extensively so I can only assume the Philippines will be on that list!"

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