Filipino Fans Have A Magical Night with MAGIC!


There's no doubt, it was a "magical" evening as the highly-anticipated Canadian reggae-fusion band MAGIC! served an unforgettable and dance-worthy jam session at their concert last night at the Newport Performing Arts Theatre in Resorts World Manila!

Opening up the concert was local rock alternative band Save Me Hollywood and the energy was already sky-high! A few moments after, silhouettes of the four members of the band - Nasri (lead singer), Alex (drummer), Ben (bass, back vocals) and Mark (guitar, back vocals) - appeared on stage as they took their places, ready to start the party. The audience immediately began shouting in excitement!


The reggae good-vibes immediately set in, just as fast as the large crowd that formed at the front of the stage as fans tried to get a closer and better view of the band - all ready to jam! 

When they performed songs from their debut studio album Don't Kill The Magic, the entire audience sang along! MAGIC! definitely lives up to its name as they were able to get everyone on their feet with their hands swaying to the sounds of their music in just a blink of an eye! 


The ladies swooned as each band member was highlighted during each segment. They continued to play their cards to the ladies as Nasri started to get his groove on, getting them to show their moves as well as they jammed! 


In between songs, Nasri asked to turn on all the lights so that the band could see and appreciate everyone present at the theatre. He then explained that he was once in a band back in his younger years in Toronto, Canada with three of his Filipino friends which got the crowd cheering!

As they played their last song and most popular hit "Rude", the audience altogether savoured every note, lyric and melody before the reggae-fusion party came to a close!

Get a taste of the reggae jamming from last night by watching the footage below!

It was a short yet sweet concert. And even though it was hard for everyone to say goodbye as everyone kept asking for more while MAGIC! bid all farewell, it's undeniable that they just made a huge and magical reggae footprint here in the Philippines!

Were you at the concert last night? What was the highlight for you? Leave a comment below!