R&B Princess Kyla releases the 3rd single "Keep The Faith" from her 9th studio album "Private Affair"

R&B Princess Kyla's 2011 has been phenomenally eventful to say the least and the year isnÆt even over.

Having her 9th studio album "Private Affair" and 1st single "Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin)" close out 2010 with a bang, the album's charms hasn't waned one bit with 2nd single "Don't Tie Me Down" also dominating the radio waves, hit charts and music video channels of the 1st half of 2011 - and she might still be just warming up as Kyla winds up again to launch her 3rd single "KEEP THE FAITH".

ôWith this album, I was given the opportunity to record new and original compositions again, giving chances to new and brilliant songwriters." and that she and Polyeast records did as she collaborated with Awit Award-winning composer and lyricist Moby Aragones and award-winning songwriter/arranger/producer Jimmy Antiporda for "Keep The Faith".

In fact, "Keep The Faith" was the first song that made it to ôPrivate Affairö in itÆs song gathering stages and was also the first to be recorded. ôAng ganda ng melody ng chorus, the message and the lyrics has a sad vibe to it but it had a good and hopeful resolve. Truly one of my faves from this albumö Kyla shared.

"And tonight, when I dream
Of the love I really never had
I can't try to deny
That I'm really, really just plain sad
And to say that today
That I'm taking things as they may
And tell myself to just, keep the faith alive"

The song's bittersweet lyrics, groovy tune and Kyla's soulful interpretation were the perfect ingredients for this melodic ballad in which the R&B Princess has always been known for - and just like that, another hit song is as good as instant.

"Keep The Faith" is already enjoying massive airplay on radio because of phone and text requests from her die-hard fans. KylaÆs online community also tipped the song as one of their favourites. They are as of the moment getting ready to vote for the song and rally behind their idol on all the music charts as soon as the official word of her ô3rd singleö gets out.

R&B Princess Kyla releases the 3rd single KEEP THE FAITH from her 9th studio album Private Affair

Mid this year, Kyla earned a handful of nominations for the 24th Awit Awards:

ò Best Performance by a Female Recording Artist for "Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin)"
ò Best R&B for "Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin)"
ò Best Dance Recording for "DonÆt Tie Me Down"

Kyla is also gearing up for the Asian release of PRIVATE AFFAIR in which she is ecstatically excited about. She recorded her signature song "Hanggang Ngayon" in Bahasa along with the song "Inda Cinta Kinta", a duet with Indonesian artist Joenir Arif.

Click here to watch the "Inda Cinta Kinta" music video on Youtube.

PRIVATE AFFAIR, KylaÆs 9th studio album is available in record bars nationwide. Released by Polyeast Records.

For more information, visit and the Polyeast Records Facebook and Twitter pages.