VJ Robi's MYX Daily Top 10 Halloween Prank! (Behind-The-Scenes)

Another "Tuesdays with Robi" became a "spook-day with Robi," as it was his turn to frighten some random strangers around the mall! 

With his convincing and well made-up face, you would think he just came back to life after getting into a car crash, with shards of glass still stuck in his fake wounds! Talk about the walking dead!

Although VJ Robi exerted commendable effort in attempting to scare strangers, it seemed that people were more interested in getting a picture with the handsome "dead" guy walking around the mall after recognizing who he really was. 

"Nakakata-CUTE, hindi nakakatakot..." many people commented. But it was all good, because in the end, it was VJ Robi's mission to spread the fun Halloween spirit.

Celebrating his successful mission accomplished, VJ Robi danced around the mall while keeping his zombie-ish character on! 

If you missed this special Halloween Prank episode of MYX Daily Top 10, you can check out the behind-the-scenes video below!

Was VJ Robi scary or not scary? Give us your thoughts by commenting below!



  • NyowiiYin

    posted 3 years ago

    hahahhaha CUTIE! :D