VJ SAM's MYX Daily Top 10 Halloween Prank! (Behind-The-Scenes)

For some people, scaring random strangers can be a bit tricky. But for VJ Sam, it was a piece of cake with his high-energy, humorous and fun nature!

Dressed in an all-black outfit with made-up wounds on his arms, topped off with a creepy-looking skeleton mask - VJ Sam was head-to-toe ready for a spook-fest and was able to frighten most, if not all of his prank victims!

Was it his ninja-fast moves as he would hide and jump out of nowhere? Or was it his skull mask that really gave his victims a big scare? Either way, it's definitely VJ Sam that you should give a call for advice if ever you plan to pull off a prank like this one!

If there was a challenge he did encounter during the whole pranking experience, it probably would have been the heat, causing him to take off his mask and then people being able to recognise  who he really was! But other than that, we think that VJ Sam holds the Halloween prank award as of now! Let's wait and see how the last two VJs do. But in the meantime, check out some behind-the-scenes footage of VJ Sam's Halloween prank below! 


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