VJ Vieo And VJ Gianna's MYX Daily Top 10 Halloween Prank! (Behind-The-Scenes)

The spooking baton has been passed to VJs Vieo and Gianna - both equally hyped for their turn to scare strangers around the mall! 

For this prank, VJ Vieo had to suck up his personal fear of clowns, as it was his turn to get into that creepy smiling, red-nosed and curly-haired clown costume! His partner, VJ Gianna had her make-up done looking like a walking-dead girl with strangely-shaped and real-like wounds on her face, complimented with that freaky white dress!

Although it was raining and there wasn't a lot of people at the mall that night, it didn't stop the scare-fest of VJs Vieo and Gianna! However, one of the "biggest" challenges VJ Vieo had to face, was how to hide from his prank victims since he's over 6 ft. tall! That made the whole experience even more fun as he really had to duck and squish into hiding spots. He was able to round-up a good number of scares, but it seemed like VJ Gianna did better!  

It was easier to hide and scare for VJ Gianna as height was not a problem, but she did have a few shocking reactions from strangers after heavily frightening them! But who wouldn't get scared of someone who would pop out of nowhere, looking like that - right?

We'll let you guys be the judge on how the two did by checking out the behind-the-scenes footage below!

Who do you think did a better job - VJ Vieo or VJ Gianna? Let us know by commenting below!