VJ BLOG: ROBI Shares His Scariest Experience Ever!

Right after VJ Robi's scare-fest at Eastwood Mall, we got down together and found out some interesting Halloween facts about him!

VJ Robi shared that he always spends Halloween with his girlfriend Gretchen Ho. They had plans for a costume - like usual, but actually won't be able to celebrate this year because he'll be in Korea for #MYXSouthKorea! Robi also revealed that his favorite horror movie "Shutter" still scares him up to this day!

But the highlight of our chat with him was his scariest experience he had a couple years back! We even got the goosebumps and chills along with him as he told us his frightening story! 

Find out what VJ Robi's scariest experience is in the video below!

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