THE OKTAVES On Their Steamy Video With Ellen Adarna!

The Oktaves' new music video "Ikot" has become viral - thanks to the ultra hot guest appearance of every guy's fantasy, Ellen Adarna! caught up with the OPM supergroup composed of Ely Buendia, Chris Padilla, Bobby Padilla, Ivan Garcia and Nitoy Adriano to ask about the steamy video from their self-titled debut album under MCA Music! 

According to Bobby, "Our next video is called "Ikot". Si Chris ang nagsulat and the video was directed by Ely Buendia." 

"Ako ang nag-direct para tipid," Ely said in jest, causing the other band members to chuckle. The rock icon and promising filmmaker went on to add, "This music video also features the beautiful Ellen Adarna. She did a really good job as the leading lady and we would like to thank her!" 

"Yes, thank you kay Ellen Adarna!" exclaimed lucky guy Chris who shared very intimate scenes with the sexy star. 

The band further explained that Ellen was perfect for the role and added that extra appeal they were looking for. They were obviously hyped for the bluesy new single "Ikot" which unveiled another side of their untouchable musicality and artistry from 3 generations of Pinoy rock and roll. The members hope that their old and new fans will enjoy it! 

"We hope you continue to support us by visiting us at our gigs which you can learn more about on our Facebook page!" Ely Buendia said on behalf of the band as they bid us farewell to prepare for their live performance.

Watch the full "Ikot" music video below!

Video posted by: The Oktaves

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