How Do You Mend The Pieces of a Broken Heart? #MYXShorts

We've all heard that saying - all good things come to an end. However, that doesn't mean you won't be able to move on. 

On this new episode of MYX Shorts entitled "Magic," it proves that saying to be true, as it shows the two sensitive and different effects of a heartbreak on an ex-couple.

There's always two different sides in between relationships, and although things may seem to be blissful at the beginning, things can change and sometimes those amazing feelings can begin to fall apart. In this short film, Justin and Aimee are heading down that bumpy road of a painful break-up and are struggling to meet each other half-way to mend the broken pieces.

Could things have ended up differently if they chose to communicate instead of just waiting on each other? 

Watch this highly-relatable and thought-provoking new episode of MYX Shorts below:

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