Here's A MYXclusive Behind-The-Scenes From The Latest Episode of MYX Olympics!


MYX Olympics is all about having fun! And in this latest episode with this certain star-studded batch of talented artists, it was obvious they did just that!

Energetic and ready with their game faces on, these guys clearly had a blast in all the games we prepared for them!


Featuring Michael Pangilinan, Marion Aunor, TJ Monterde and KZ Tandingan - representatives of "Team HH1"! They came up with that name because they all took part in the recent "Himig Handog" (HH), except for TJ (the plus "1"). Clever, huh? 


And on the other side, where you'll find ants everywhere because of the ever-so-sweet "LabTeam," featuring couples Roxanne Barcelo (Roxee B.) & Will Devaughn, and Yumi Lacsamana & Thyro Alfaro!


Everyone had a taste of punishment during the games as each team lost to each other in at least one round. But in the end, the "LabTeam" reigned supreme! All in the spirit of fun, everyone had an amazing time with each other, so congratulations to everyone!

Check out what Michael, Will, Roxee B., KZ, Yumi and Thyro had to say about their awesome experience during the MYX Olympics in the behind-the-scenes video below!

If you missed out on this fun-filled MYX Olympics episode, you can catch it again today, November 4, 2014 at 9PM, only on MYX!