Stages of Love Through OPM Songs!

Most of us have experienced falling in love and for some, they have experienced heartbreak. Being and falling in love is a part of love that some of us cannot avoid. Some of us may have theme songs for every inspiration we have or had. 

Being in love can bring out our strengths and weaknesses, and they can either bring out the best or the worst in us. Some of us may have found love but it wasn't meant for them, and some of them just have luck with destiny and have found their one true love.

Music can be a big part of one's life. We may listen to songs to help us with our mood. Here, we have the stages of love through OPM songs. 

1st stage - CRUSH

This is the stage when you just want to make "sulyap sulyap" to him/her every moment you get. When you imagine him being beside you, or when you engage in a conversation and realise that it is all on your mind.  Here is the song for you!

Video from Youtube via Avid Liongoren


This time, you got hold of each other's number or Facebook page, it is the time where you get to know more about each other. Your likes or dislikes, or if you have anything in common! Casual texts usually happen on this stage. When you call each other and ask each other what's up. This might be your song.

Video from Youtube via Sakristanas13


You have seen his/ her characteristics. This time, you can say that you like him and everything about him makes you smile. You can picture yourself with him/her holding hands while under the stars. For the men, some of you may imagine the ways on how to court her on this stage. When you can say that you can't conceal your feelings anymore and you should go ask her if you can court her. You may listen to this song until you figure it out.

Video from Youtube via ABS- CBN Star Cinema

4th Stage- COURTSHIP

Finally! You have figured out the ways on how to get her sweet "yes". This is the ligawan stage. Trying to be the best gentleman that she has ever seen. To the girls, this is the time when you can be as pakipot as possible to make him more "lambing lambing" and "pacute pacute" to you.  You need to make her the happiest person everyday to prove that she deserves you. It's all about your love.

Video from Youtube via eric verallo


Finally! You got her sweet yes, and you gave yours. This is when the HHWW (holding hands while walking) starts. This is one of the sweetest times that you'll be in your relationship. Sending "I love you" texts to each other with smileys and hearts at the end of each and every text. <3 The "I love you forever babe" comes almost every hour and exchanging messages is until when you both fall asleep. Feel niyo, kayong dalawa na talaga forever. 

Video from Youtube via PINOkYoPinoyAko

6th Stage- STRUGGLES

No matter how much you love each other, you can never avoid the LQ or lover's quarrel. From the small quarrels to the big ones. You cannot just sleep and forget about them because one day, you'll wake up and realise that enough is enough. You need to stay strong and try to resolve issues if you can. "Di lang ikaw ang nahihirapan."

Abangan ang part two ng stages of love through OPM songs! 

Ikaw? Ano ang theme song ng love life mo? Feel free to comment below!



  • armoldrecinto

    posted 3 years ago

    Stage? hmm nung hindi ko na maintindihan girlfriend ko. Ang gulo gulo niya kasi. Hindi ko malaman kung ano talaga gusto niyo. parang yung kantang "TAYO" ng KLEY