The MYX Grand Fan Meet Was A Huge Blast!

There was nothing but pure fun, excitement and laughter overflowing the activity area of Fairview Terraces, as we had our highly-anticipated MYX Grand Fan Meet!

As more and more people began to show up, you could just feel the high energy as everyone was hyped to see and meet our amazing MYX VJs - Ai, Chino, Gianna, Luigi, Nikki, Vieo, Robi and Sam!

We had so much in store for everyone who showed up and that included special performances by Krissy Villongco and ex-PBB housemate - Maris Racal!

Krissy had everyone singing along to her original songs she sung, one of which is from her new solo album, "Songs About You"!

The crowd's energy became extra lively as Maris came out to perform, receiving the loudest screams from her dedicated fans as she came down to greet everyone!

And what better way to interact with the MYX VJs, than to play some challenging and lively games! In between the special performances, our dynamic VJs played some fun-filled games with those who came to the fan meet! The lucky participants of the games were given cool prizes to take home as well!

Of course, our special performances for the night included our very own MYX VJs! With Ai first to perform out of the VJs, she felt slightly nervous but said she received a huge sense of fulfillment, especially as she was able to really sing-along with the crowd!

VJ Sam's high-spirits definitely got the crowd going as well, especially as he went down to serenade his fans present at the event! Giving big friendly hugs and taking photos with the audience, he effortlessly had the ladies all giddy inside!


And last, but not definitely not the least, we were lucky to have our loveable VJ Nikki give us a great performance! She came just in time to meet and greet all of her fans and for the rest of the night's fun!

The event ended with a huge photo-op with everyone who came! It was definitely a memorable night - not only for the fans, but for our MYX VJs as well, as it was clear from the high-energy and joy that filled the room, that the MYX Grand Fan Meet 2014 was a huge blast! We hope you all had an amazing time with us and we hope to see you all again at our next grand fan meet!

Were you there at the MYX Grand Fan Meet 2014? What was the highlight for you? Leave us a comment below!