It Was An Extraordinary MYX Grand Fan Meet For VJ AI!

It was VJ Ai's second time to take part in our MYX Grand Fan Meet, and this year she was extremely happy with everything that went down!

The highlight for her was the heartfelt singing performance she prepared for us! Everyone at the event got to enjoy and sing-along with her as she sang beautifully. But little did we know, VJ Ai actually caught a bit of the nerves!

Who knew? But we all know a little nerves won't bring down VJ Ai!

Check out the video below as she shares about her extraordinary MYX Grand Fan Meet experience!

She put up an amazing show for us and said that she received a very heart-warming response!

VJ Ai was so grateful for the experience, thanks everyone who came to support her, the event, and she really hopes to see you all again for the next grand fan meet!