Nothing But Good Vibes Radiated From VJ LUIGI After The MYX Grand Fan Meet 2014!

There's no questioning why VJ Luigi was radiating nothing but good vibes after the MYX Grand Fan Meet 2014! It was such an amazing experience for everybody, that all the fun, energy and excitement rubbed off on anyone who was present at the successful event!

It was VJ Luigi's second MYX Grand Fan Meet, and he expressed that it felt so good to be back at an interactive event like this - being able to see you all and just enjoying each other's company! He said that the fan meets just keep getting better!

With a huge smile on his face, VJ Luigi couldn't hold in his happiness after the event! Check out the video below and watch why VJ Luigi was all in the good vibes!


VJ Luigi is hoping to spread the good vibes with you again at the next MYX interactive events in the near future!