VJ NIKKI Had A Remarkable First-Time At The MYX Grand Fan Meet 2014!

We were extremely happy - not to mention - lucky that our very own, VJ Nikki made it to the MYX Grand Fan Meet 2014! She was actually stuck in some traffic so she came a bit late for the start of the event, but fortunately she came in just in time for the "kaguluhan" - as she said!

It was also her very first MYX Grand Fan Meet, so it was a memorable experience for VJ Nikki! After just arriving, she also gave us an awesome performance! Talk about adrenaline rush. But VJ Nikki was all game for what was going on at the event! See what VJ Nikki had to say about her very first MYX Grand Fan Meet in the video below!


VJ Nikki said she always loves these interactive events of MYX and is definitely looking forward to seeing you all again soon!