Get Your Monday Good Vibes From These Jaw-Dropping Video Clips!

If you haven't heard of this talented man yet, Zack King, or better known on Instagram as the "finalcutking," creates amazingly edited video posts that not only showcases his top-notch video editing skills, but his creative and innovative mind as well!

His work will always keep you wondering, "how in the world did he do that!?"

You'll see what we mean when you watch this special compilation of some of his most recent, jaw-dropping instagram posts - instantly giving you the good vibes you'll need to get through this awesome week ahead!

"Kids, don't try this trampoline trick at home..."

Just when you thought online shopping couldn't get anymore convenient!

If you're the kind of person who always drops their phone, this "Jello App" in progress is for you!

This is exactly what you need when you have that morning laziness!

Hanging your clothes would be so much easier and more fun if you knew how to do this cool trick!

And of course, just in case you accidentally catch your clothes on fire, just remember to stop, drop and...

If only it was this easy to clean up food spilled on your clothes!

Double the fun by doubling you!

This is what you need to do when you all of sudden realize you missed your stop at the MRT/LRT!

And of course, when you're late and on the way to work or school, this is all you need to do to clear out that traffic!

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