GREASE THE MUSICAL Will Make You Love Musicals More!

9 Works Theatrical is bringing back the original high school musical once again !

After last year's massive success where MYX VJ Iya Villania played the character Betty Rizzo, "Grease" comes back to the Philippine stage!

The musical re-run stars Guji Lorenzana, Tippy Dos Santos, Rafa Siguion-Reyna, Steven Silva and the comebacking Antoinette Taus! We're giving you reasons to catch one of your all-time favorite musical classics and why "GREASE" is definitely the word!

"G"lamorous in a 50's way! The colors are just loud! The leather jackets, tight pants, sprayed hairdos, figure-hugging clothes, and flowy-teasing dresses will transport you out of the 21st century!

"R"aunchy in a wholesome way! It is a clash of naughty and coy! But you'll realize that it is not a violation to be trashy when you're classy!

"E"xciting in a teenager's way! Watching the re-run will make you miss your high school days - the fun, stress-free, awkward stage of our lives!

"A"mazing in every way! The actors and actresses were incredible that they remind you of the original cast! 

"S"inging and dancing all the way! You'll feel the need to sing to the songs and jive to the lively beat of the show! 

"E"verything just blows you away! That sums up the entire show!

After the show, caught up with the the lead stars of "Grease" who shared their fun journey doing one of their favorite childhood musicals! Watch what they have to say below:
If you want to get hooked with the word "GREASE" then watch the Grease Musical which will run until December 7 at the RCBC Plaza in Makati!
What do you love about "Grease"? Feel free to share your comments below.