Check Out These Young-At-Heart Parents' Amazing Lip Sync Covers!

We love Disney songs because they keep us light-hearted and light-headed! We also check covers once in a while and listen to a lot of fairytale-themed songs!

Well, if you love Disney songs so much then check out how these parents spend their time driving around town!

Youtube Video From:
Sam and Nia

The latest Youtube video which garnered around 24,000 views to date was Sam and Nia's  fourth lip sync cover together.

Their other videos were a cover of Disney's Frozen songs namely "Love Is An Open Door" and "For The First Time In Forever" which became a viral hit garnering over 20 million views!

They even did Disney's Tangled song "I See The Light" which had 100,000 views to date. If you have not seen their lip sync covers yet, don't miss out and check them below:

Youtube Video From: Sam and Nia

Youtube Video From: Sam and Nia

Youtube Video From: Sam and Nia

What Disney song would you love to see them lip syncing to? Leave us a comment below.