PUPIL Gets Intense With An Album To Watch Out For!

Last time we remember, Pupil closed down EDSA for their 20/20 music video and it was a remarkable vision to behold!

This year, lead vocalist and guitarist Ely Buendia, bassist Dok Sergio, drummer Wendell Garcia and their new guitarist Jerome Velasco are getting intense with their newest single "Out Of Control" from their upcoming album "Zilch"! 

Their latest music video surprises you with a futuristic, apocalyptic vibe created from computer-generated effects! It's something new for the band and will get you rocking off your feet! 

According to the band, the name of the album "ZILCH" - which means "nothing" or "zero"- denotes that the band is starting with a clean slate. 

After a preview of their "Out of Control" music video, they kicked off the press launch by performing two tracks from their album called "Why" and "Firewall" leaving everyone in the bar asking for more rock and roll excitement!

Aside from their latest album, everyone's been asking the award-winning band Pupil about their preparations before jetting off to Singapore this weekend to represent the Philippines and OPM at the 6th Sundown Festival!

Frontman Ely Buendia shared that the band is very proud to represent the Philippines in the annual showcase of talent, culture and artistry. He also added that it would be a fresh start for the band to perform with their new guitarist at the Lion City! 
For excited Pupil fans, the album is set to be released early next year! To find out when, check out our MYXclusive interview with one of your favorite rock bands below:


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