KZ TANDINGAN Had An Overwhelming First Experience At #MYXMo2014!

First-times are always memorable no matter if it's good or bad, but for KZ Tandingan, it was definitely a good experience at MYX Mo! 2014! "Good" would actually be an understatement, because KZ shared with us that she was so overwhelmed by everything that went down that amazing night at the Areneta Coliseum!

We got to share KZ's overwhelming MYX Mo! 2014 experience with her, backstage after she gave a heartfelt performance! She talked about how she prepared for her first MYX Mo! concert and gave a special message to Osmena Elementary School! Check out the video below to see what she had to say about MYX Mo! 2014!

Don't forget to tune in on our special airing of MYX Mo! 2014 this Tuesday, November 22 at 6PM, only on MYX! Join us as we relive the unforgettable event!