Nyfti: A Filipino Handmade Folding Bicycle!

Here's another reason for us Filipinos to be proud! Recently, a new concept of folding bike unfolded- the Nyfti handmade bikes. 

Nyfti is not just another kind of folding bicycles, but this one can fit in your 30 kg luggage! So if you want to tour Paris, the USA, China, or any other part of the world, all you need to do is fold your bike and carry it with you! 

Photo credits: Anton Aguila

Nyfti started when the founders won in a business incubation program, Idea Space, early this year. The idea came in when their chief technology officer got tired of the traffic and wished that he had a bike in his car. Well this time, with the compact size of the Nyfti, he can definitly store it in the passenger's seat and bike away whenever or wherever.

Watch the video below to know more about Nyfti! 

Video From Vimeo Via Nyfti Bicycles

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