A warm-hearted Christian Bautista revealed that he is in love with his work, family, friends, his songs and his fans!

Our Asia's romantic balladeer serenades unforgettable theme songs from the most romantic movies of all time from his latest album entitled "Soundtrack!"

Last weekend, witnessed Christian's successful album launch at Eastwood! Now, on its first week of release, Universal Records announced at the press conference held Thursday about its fast-rising success as it nabbed the top spot in music charts!

"According to them, mga two years itong album na ito..." Christian chuckles as he shares how long it took the album to complete. A grateful Christian feels overwhelmed to have great friends like Nikki Gil, Karylle, Julie Anne San Jose and Rachelle Ann Go to sing great songs with him for his album. 

The latest album includes a track from one of his favorite movies "Notting Hill," a theme song from "Twilight," a Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis song from the movie "Duets", "Way Back Into Love" and more!

Singing his favorite song and latest single "Up Where We Belong," Christian also recalls that the most challenging part he faced in making the album so far is promoting it because he immediately sees the effect, but the balladeer feels "so far so good" as the sales and response are climbing unexpectedly.

Though its official music video is not out yet, Christian assures that it will be out soon!


Indeed, our romantic balladeer feels the love in the air through the love songs from all-time favorite romantic movies! It leaves us wondering, with all the romance in his album, does his heart sing for love too? Find out on our MYXclusive interview with Christian B. below:


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