VJ LUIGI's MYX MO! 2014 Song Has Something To Do With His Love Life!

VJ Luigi D'avola finally earned the dream of performing at a concert in Araneta Coliseum!

However, what left a mark on his fans aside from the singing is a question lingering on everyone's mind "Is VJ Luigi an NGSB?" got your itching heads covered as our talented charmer who performed "No Girlfriend Since Break" revealed the reason behind his song choice!

So, to all the eager fans out there, if you want your answers, check out what your favorite MYX VJ has to say below:


Now that you finally got your answers, watch VJ Luigi perform his song choice at the special TV airing of MYX MO! 2014 this November 22 at 6 PM on the MYX channel cable!

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