VJ CHINO Is So Happy He Finally Got To Say This Epic Line At #MYXMo2014!

It was VJ Chino's first time to host an event at the Araneta Colliseum, and he was extremely happy he got to do that with his MYX family for the biggest sing-along party - MYX Mo! 2014!

One of his biggest highlights was him being able to finally say, "Thank You Araneta!" The famous line that all Araneta Coliseum event hosts say! But aside form that, he felt so blessed that we were able to also help the Osmena Elementary School through all the funds of MYX Mo! 2014. 

It was such an exciting event for VJ Chino and he shared with us some of his other highlights from that memorable night, his favorite performances and he gave a special message to teh students of Osmena Elementary School! Check it out in the video below!


Dont forget to catch our special airing of MYX Mo! 2014 this November 22, at 6PM, only on MYX!