Balladeer And Diva Hold Hands During Their MYX Mo! 2014 Song!

When the Prince of Pop, Erik Santos, and the Queen of Teleserye Theme songs, Angeline Quinto stepped on the stage that night, the Araneta crowd went wild!

Is it just mere connection to the song and to the audience that made everyone felt the duet of one of the country's best singers? or is it the way Angeline singing her first two lines that sparked a chemistry that everyone seemed to believe?

Whatever's boiling between the two, what matters is that they delivered an OPM hit song drawing a lot of cheers from their heartfelt birits!

Erik Santos posted in his instagram account thanking MYX Mo! for having them that night!

To find out the song they sang that blew the Araneta crowd with their chemistry, watch the special TV airing of MYX Mo! 2014 this November 22 at 6PM on the MYX channel on cable!

What can you say about the chemistry of Erik and Angeline? Leave us a comment below.