CALLALILY Serenades The Broken-Hearted!

Cries from fans started roaring at the Big Dome as Callalily, one of the most-awaited bands that night, serenaded the broken-hearted with their hit song "Pansamantala"! 

The whole aura of the MYX Mo! home heightened into intense feelings just enough to make a fan shed tears of unexplainable glee! But that was just a warm-up for what was to happen next. 

Owning that night, frontman Kean Cipriano cued for total darkness before launching into their next song "Magbalik" - which filled the Big Dome with cries of "kilig" from fans, making everyone forget where broken hearts go! 

Callalily has been performing at MYX Mo! since they started, so it's no wonder that they knew how to create a show-stopping moment!

Hear about Callalily's growth with the biggest sing-along party of the year by watching the video below:

Everyone present that night can describe to you how Callalily took their breath away! But you don't have to imagine it anymore! Prepare to be swept off from your screens as you watch the special airing of MYX Mo! 2014 TONIGHT at 6 PM on your MYX channel on cable!

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