Bandang Humataw sa MYX Mo! 2014

Was it their afro wigs, their suspenders or that rock star signature shades that brought their A-game to the stage? Whatever Banda Ni Kleggy's funky get-up may look, it is their fun energetic performance that everyone at MYX Mo! 2014 loved!

The band enjoyed MYX Mo! 2014 so much that they literally showed it on stage and made the crowd's sing-along party spirit rock The Big Dome!

Banda ni Kleggy knew how to orchestrate the crowd during their performance of their LSS-worthy hit "Discolamon"!

Their overwhelming energy and joy remained consistent all-through out that you wouldn't believe they felt an ounce of nervousness as they shared about what they have to say performing for MYX Mo! 2014!


If you missed the TV premiere of #MYXMo2014, you can catch it again this Sunday, November 30 at 11AM on your MYX cable channel!