Reminiscing '80s Music

It was the decade when video games like Pac-Man, the Super Mario Brothers and Tetris were popular pastimes; when permed hair, ripped jeans, leggings, jean jackets and neon colors were all the rage. It was the decade that brought back freedom to our country through the EDSA Revolution. It was a colorful period in history, literally and figuratively; and not surprisingly, it was also a gold mine of great music.

"80289" (1980 to 1989), brought us back to the spirit of the 1980s through the music that defined a generation. From Pop, Rock, Punk, New Wave, and the New Romantic, the show, which culminated last Saturday at the Music Museum, successfully turned back the clock through the performances from OPM's own '80s icons. Ella May Saison, Chad Borja, Lou Bonnevie, Gino Padilla, Jamie Rivera and Juan Miguel Salvador performed memorable hits of the decade, including their own. The dancers, the colorful set, and the narration provided by Franco Laurel, added to the flair and fashion reminiscent of the era.

Spotted during the event were '80s babies Ruby Rodriguez and Love A±over. Click the images below to view more photos.

(Top-Bottom: Gino Padilla, Juan Miguel Salvador, Jamie Rivera)