YENG CONSTANTINO Launches Her 6th Album, "All About Love"!

If you are deeply in love with someone or if you want to feel how it is to be in love, this album is for you! Prepare to close your eyes, tear up, and feel every song in the album. "All About Love" is Yeng Constantino's 6th album under Star Records.

The album consists of ten tracks including two songs originally composed by Yeng, three songs written and composed by her fiancĂ©, Yan Asuncion, and the other songs were written by some of her favorite composers in the industry.

"Talagang nirerepresent niya yung season ko ngayon in my life, and that's the same joy din na gusto kong i-share sa inyo mga taga pakinig ng aking music, is yung joy ng umiibig." said Yeng.

Yeng considers her songs as her "babies" when asked if she has any "favoritism" in this album, "Yes. May favoritism ata ako with this album. Though, lahat talaga ng songs ang gaganda pero, ang galing kasi ni Yan na songwriter. Kaya gustong- gusto ko talaga yung song nya na "Your Love Is My Relief"  and I really love yung song ni Jonathan Manalo na "So Beautiful".

She also shared with us that she had a hard time recording "Ikaw" because she would always burst out in tears everytime she tries to sing it. Feel the love in every track! Get your copy of "All About Love", Yeng Constantino's newest album! 

Watch the video below to know more about "All About Love"!


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